Conviviumn. a place where boardgames intersect with freeform roleplaying. The resulting atmosphere is most convivial.

This is the homepage for Convivium – sometime game publishing imprint and freeform-games umbrella organisation.

For those of you interested in the long-time partnership between Convivium and the works of Reiner Knizia, please head over to the Knizia Games pages for related links and archive downloads.

Convivium is a very small-scale publisher of game books (we don’t expect our allocated ISBNs to run out anytime soon) – you will find those are described here.

This Convivium site also describes a small part of the early history of theatrical live-action roleplaying in the UK, with crossovers to the world of Glorantha.

If there are any game historians out there trying to make sense of where Convivium fits into the grand scheme of all things game, then Shannon Appelcline has made the connections for us in Six Degrees of Bruno Faidutti.