Kniziathonn. a mini-tournament of games (often held as an attraction at boardgames conventions or clubs) where all the games played are the work of Reiner Knizia. Enjoyment is mandatory.

For information about upcoming Kniziathon tournaments, and how you can run one at your own convention or club, the Knizia Games website has what you need to know here.

The first official Knizathon took place at Gen Con UK at Loughborough University, England, in 1999. Since then, dozens of Kniziathons have been enjoyed by hundreds of participants around the world. The aim of a Kniziathon is mainly to have fun, by playing as many different Knizia game titles as possible (there are plenty to choose from). All levels of ability are catered for – from the casual and family games players having a fast and furious round of Wheedle!, right the way through to the brain-burning Euphrates & Tigris gamer-geeks. Knizia Games provides certificates (gratis) for event organisers to award to Kniziathon tournament winners.