Convivium was conceived as a way for me to present the Cafe Casablanca freeform in the UK in 1995. Cafe Casablanca had been the original impetus for me to bring Home of the Bold to the Convulsion convention at around the same time, and so a sister convention was born. Convulsion now lives on as Continuum, and the mantle of managing freeform conventions in Great Britain is now managed by the good people at UK Freeforms. In parallel with this I have been privileged to be part of Reiner Knizia’s playtest team – so over the years I have played countless versions of Reiner’s designs. For many years I provided a basic web presence for Reiner, but now he has wisely improved his websites to a more professional level (although I do provide the odd ‘news’ item, as well as the occasional crossword).

If Facebook had existed when Convivium started I probably would have used that platform to provide much of these web pages. But I got in the habit of doing my way and so I’ll keep on – now with the help of WordPress.

Thanks for your attention. I hope you have found some of this useful.

Kevin Jacklin