Knizia Promos

Over the years Reiner’s games have had extra content produced for promotional purposes through a variety of sources. Often they are produced (if at all) in small quantities and are sometimes difficult to get hold of. These include everything from fiendish additional game boards (e.g. for FITS) through to cards promoting game expansions (e.g. ‘Tribbles’ for Star Trek Expeditions). A selection of the most recent ones (as well as other cool items), can be found at

Knizia Games Freebies

Here at Convivium we’re making the best of the rest available in PDF form (as long as the original publisher and Reiner is happy to have them still in circulation).

Lord of the Rings Board Game – Black Gate Card

A pack of three bonus cards were produced in 2002 to coincide with the Friends and Foes expansion. Two of these were subsequently included in the later Sauron expansion. The Black Gate card provides additional challenges for the players to succeed in a ‘military victory’ in Friends and Foes.

Black Gate – German

Black Gate – English

Blue Moon City – 4 Extra Tiles

Spielbox magazine included two separate two-tile expansions for Blue Moon City in 2006; all four together were made available in English by Fantasy Flight Games.

Blue Moon City – German

Blue Moon City – English