Cafe Casablanca

Writing Team: Cruel Hoax

This is the game that kick-started it all. In March 1991 Dan Steel and I attended Silicon VI in Annapolis, MD USA, where Cafe Casablanca was getting its second outing. We had already produced the home games The Cinderella First Night Cast Party  and (coincidentally) Casablanca II by this time Рbut this was a step-up into the big league.

Once I had taken part in this, written Robin Hood and Home of the Bold and helped organise the first¬†Convulsion, it was only a matter of time before we decided to bring the now-legendary Cafe Casablanca to the UK. Thus Convivium was born…

Run Dates:

Venue Location Date
Stakis Victoria Hotel Nottingham, UK 1-3 September 1995 [1]
Quality Inn Weston Favell, Northampton, UK 3-5 March 2000 [2]

Produced by [1] Convivium; [2] Convivium/SFCP