Home of the Bold

Writers: David Hall & Kevin Jacklin

Home of the Bold is set in Greg Stafford’s Glorantha, in the cosmopolitan city of Boldhome.

Run Dates:

Convention Location Date
Convulsion ’92 Leicester, UK 25 July 1992
RuneQuest Con Baltimore, MD USA 15 January 1994
RuneQuest Con Down Under Melbourne, VIC Australia 20 January 1996
Convulsion 3D Leicester, UK 20 July 1996
Chaosium Con 2024 Ypsilanti, MI USA 18-21 April 2024

Home of the Bold – The Director’s Cut

For those planning on going to Chaosium Con 2024 in the USA (18-21 April) the Reaching Moon Megacorp will be running a new version of the original Gloranthan Freeform, Home of the Bold, for the 30th anniversary of the last US run in 1994! 


The year is 1625 and the great city of Boldhome is occupied by the Lunar Empire. In Kethaela King Broyan is dead, his army massacred, along with many Sartarite exiles and rebels. In Prax Argrath’s attempt to strike at Dragon Pass has failed, his army annihilated by Lunar demons and his own whereabouts unknown.


In the south the new Temple of the Reaching Moon is about to be consecrated, heralding the final pacification of the region. The Lunar Way is ascendant, assimilation is inevitable. 


Yet, those events are being overshadowed in Boldhome by a series of brutal murders and disappearances that are terrifying the populace and confounding the city constabulary. 


The scene is set for an interesting week in the home of the bold…


HotB is designed for 50 players who’ll take on the roles of people from the city, nobles from the tribes and the benevolent Lunar occupiers. It’s planned to take place over 7 hours, with a 1 hour break.


More information shortly!

HOTB’s 30th Birthday:

Over on the Chaosium Inc blog, Nick Brooke and Michael O’Brien describe the legacy that Home of the Bold has had on the evolution of both the company and maximum-game-fun roleplaying.

Associated Materials:

  • Lunar coins (1L denomination) – in-game currency (specially minted).
  • A Rough Guide to Boldome – background to the city and its notable characters. Cover illustration by Dan Barker.
  • Report on the Fall of Boldhome – post-game writeup by some of the participants of the Convulsion ’92 run.

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