Home of the Bold

Writers: David Hall & Kevin Jacklin

Home of the Bold is set in Greg Stafford’s Glorantha, in the cosmopolitan city of Boldhome.

Run Dates:

Convention Location Date
Convulsion ’92 Leicester, UK 25 July 1992
RuneQuest Con Baltimore, MD USA 15 January 1994
RuneQuest Con Down Under Melbourne, VIC Australia 20 January 1996
Convulsion 3D Leicester, UK 20 July 1996


Associated Materials:

  • Lunar coins (1L denomination) – in-game currency (specially minted).
  • A Rough Guide to Boldome – background to the city and its notable characters. Cover illustration by Dan Barker.
  • Report on the Fall of Boldhome – post-game writeup by some of the participants of the Convulsion ’92 run.


HOTB_LunarCoins_1000px HOTB_Cover_500px HOTB_Report92_800px