How the West was One

Writers: Nick Brooke, David Hall & Kevin Jacklin

How the West was One is set in Greg Stafford’s Glorantha, at the University of Sog City (USC).

Run Dates:

Convention Location Date
Convulsion ’94 Leicester, UK 23 July 1994
RuneQuest Con 2 San Francisco, CA USA 14 January 1995
Convulsion 2002 Leicester, UK 20 July 2002


Associated Materials:

  • University of Sog City Conference Guide – background to this ancient university, voting procedures and guide to conduct.
  • Proceedings in Malkionism – accounts of the first run of the game (& convention reports from Convulsion ’94).
    • Includes recipe for vegetarian lasagne (the feeding of the Titanothere, illustration by Simon Bray).

HTWWOGuide_1200px HTWWOProceedings_1200px HTWWOTitanothere_800px


More Information

Nick Brooke has reproduced much of the useful game background material here.